OffTek AS is a consultancy and project management company specialised in hydrodynamic design of ocean systems and structures. The company was formed in 1996 by Dr. Karl Chr. Strømsem and has since delived design input and project management for a vast number of projects. 

 OffTek AS is typically engaged for design of new and innovative solutions where traditional and standardised design metohodology cannot be used and where new approaches to hydrodynamic design is needed. 

The company has during the years served a series of industries like  traditional offshore Oil & Gas, offshore renewables, energy advanced aquaculture projects and has a large network that can be engaged to provide a “one stop shop” to a potential customer. 

The company offers services from from pure consultancy to detailed hydrodynamic design of concepts using dedicated software packages like OrcaFlex, OrcaWave and MatLab and is a partner with Stadt Towing Tank to provide advenced hydrodynamic model testing offshore instrumentation and tests and CFD desgin. 

The company has also generated several spinoffs noticebly Intelligent Decisions AS delivering advanced mathematical modeling for the power industry that was aquired by Noble Denton Ltd (Now a part of DNV) and Nørd AS a project development company mainly working development of open ocean